The Real Estate Appraiser’s Cancer Support Fund

Helping Appraisers in the Fight against Cancer

Mission Statement:
The Real Estate Appraiser’s Cancer Support Fund is dedicated to support, self-employed independent fee appraisers in the fight against cancer. We provide short term financial assistance to help appraisers and their families get through the challenges of treatment. A cancer diagnosis is difficult and presents challenges beyond treatment. These challenges include job difficulties, inability to work and emotional stress. It is our commitment to help self-employed fee appraisers fill the gap between diagnosis and survival, and move on with a productive and fulfilling life!!

To Make a Tax Deductible Donation:

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For information on Bronze Donations $500.00, Silver Donations $1000.00, Gold Donations $1500.00, Platinum Donations $2000.00, email

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We would like to thank the following sponsors of Voice of Appraisal. Their support has provided the initial capital to start the fund and we thank their continued support